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Pudding and roasted mask
This mask can be useful for removing skin inflammation, stomach and allergies. To grind the PH level of the skin, grind it in the gram flour (filling) in grid and combine it normally. After clining, save your eyes like a mask. Women with skin skin can add two drops of fresh milk.

Just a few minutes, the face should be dried and washed without soap after some time. This will also reduce the moisture of moisture and there will be no soft vitamin moisture too soon.
Mask & Fruit Mask
Grind a peeled peel. When paste becomes added, add it to the skin with a sharp cuticle and add honey equivalent to half a teaspoon of tea.

White eggs are included in this paste and apply it on the neck and face, if there is a difference between hands and face care, then apply it here. Save the masks on the towel and masks on the back and stir at 15 to 20 minutes. When If the paste starts to dry, face the face with simple water. The freshness will be made in the sun, and it will be covered.
Mermaid, Joe and Mask Fee Mask
This mask is suitable for smooth skin women, but women with skin skin can also use it.

It will also fulfill the purpose of cloning. Take a few buds, few leaves of the plant, a few pieces of the diamond, and remove one-quarter milk, add all the honey and half honey tea honey. Meet for a few hours, but do not rub hard. With the help of vermin fingers, keep eyes on the face, drape on the neck, arms, and hands after that.

Clean the face with soft tissue paper instead of the face. You will see that the color is also exhausted, and it has natural glow and rear skin in the skin.
Mask & Fruit Mask
Boil a tomato and boil the seeds. Remove seeds and remove seeds and make paste with the help of the vomiting. In this, it has a meal of 2 teaspoons equivalent to meal spoon, Yeast, a lime equal to a tea spoon. Mix juice together.
Save this mask from eyes for 10 to 15 minutes
Lap on the face. Keeping up for 15 minutes, if women with sensitive skin get stuck, face the face, otherwise it is not harmful. You will clearly notice the difference between the first and the later.
So far you knew the nutritional benefits of vegetable, now it can use it as a beauty product

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