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TIPS to alter angle OF lecturers

TIPS to alter angle OF lecturers

Teachers area unit the one UN agency guides students concerning every matter associated with studies and life. lecturers additionally perform the perform of opinion leader and maker. Students follow their purpose of read concerning politics, employment, career, faith and every one of the social matters of life. they’re foundation of development for a rustic. they’re leader for several folks.
Students follow them and take steerage for creating their lives higher. however in some colleges of rural areas, there’s a unique story. lecturers treat students during a} very cruel means. Innocent’s youngsters area unit overwhelmed with sticks terribly roughly. they’re additionally tortured so they’re unable to precise. however the stains on hands and body reveal the story.

Poor folks cannot move to station house for his or her rights. there’s no guarantee that criminals are going to be punished or not. restrictive authorities don’t take stern action in such cases. Some lecturers take their personal work from students throughout the varsity temporal order. If they refuse then they’re treated like associate animal. during this means not solely physical however psychological problems also are two-faced by them.

Such youngsters may well be cruel within their lives and that they can treat others in the same means. This sensitive matter is that the reason behind aggression of people. One wrong act ruin lives of the many folks.
They can be criminals in their life. And not solely destroy their family however effects the total society. And during this means entire generation suffers from worst scenario. nobody has the correct to treat somebody’s being with sticks on little mistakes.

I think restrictive authorities ought to implement laws against such cruel lecturers. and fogeys should mark if their youngsters area unit treated during this means. it’s additionally seen that children fingers area unit cut and that they become paralyze for whole life. simply because of teacher’s cruel angle. If someone watch this type of activity happening then they ought to protest against such folks and take facilitate from media. In my purpose of read news channels helps a great deal in reportage crimes. once media reports and shows the criminal activity. Then others take steerage and learn from it.

The kids UN agency face violence wish to require revenge from their lecturers after they became older. during this urge they be part of teams of evil minded folks. Then many dangerous consequences came into happen. This vicious circle of revenge keeps on moving and destructing lives. Not solely the sufferers however different family and friends additionally become enemy. If these atrocious folks area unit punished then nobody ever dare to try to to this once more.

Students area unit sent to colleges for learning new techniques, technologies, info and rule to survive sort of a civilized person within the society. a rustic wants educated category for brand new inventions and development. youngsters area unit the long run of our country. Save our future from cruel, sick and evil minded folks.


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