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The main ingredients of Sindal Singh

The main ingredients of Sindal Singh

The main ingredients of Sindal Singh

The sandal is a fragrant yellow wood, which is very helpful in skin care and heart disease. It is also called by the name of this flower .Article wood is the main ingredients of the beauty of the beauty of the sun .It is the skin of the sun The preservative cream (SUNSCREEN), fiber cream and oil etc. is added to it by adding it to many aerial products of ovarian use.

The importance of Sandinal can also be gauged that it is mentioned in songs and songs too.
The sandal is found to be able to protect the skin from outer seasonal effects. This is why sandalwood is used for centuries of rare problems. Indian Indians (RED INDIANS) were aware of its effectiveness.

Today, science has detected that the ability to embedded in the skin is found in the skin.

Beta corton in sindh
(BETACAROTENE) AMENO ACID and raw materials
Sutra wood is a deaf treatment, which is included in many types of creams for the skin .Price is the essential ingredient of the skin that protects skin quickly. This ingredient is not only sunlight Keeps it safe from the implications of radicals, but also health of the sun-burned skin.
In addition, it is also used in the wooden paddle to consolidate the body of the body.
Jewelery is also made from sandwood wood, which are especially liked in the summer due to being very hearty and lightweight .Perfect scenes are displayed in beautiful wooden ornaments. The heart rate of these ornaments gives women’s attention.
That is why women prefer to wear sandwiched wooden ornaments instead of ornaments made of summer in summer. One feature of beauty is also that the atmosphere remains very late due to its perfume.
If women pay attention to natural things instead of artificial items, their skin will be protected from harmful effects. In this case, we offer some of the following prescriptions that will not only benefit the skin. Instead, it will also become a cause of heart attack.
It will soon be safer and will be protected from adverse effects.
Prevalent edible prescriptions are also useful for skin recovery and cleaning. These prescriptions are free and extremely beneficial, you should try them too .If your face is sensitive to skin sensitivity (allergies) First of all, take one of your first steps on your backpack and see the effect of it .If there is a hazardous effect, put it on your face with fear.

Take a little mud with a clay, when it comes to flowers, it contains a small spoon of flour, half a spoon of turmeric, a small spoon honey, and a drop of lime juice mixed with paste (paste).
Now put it on your face and relax. Now, after one and a half hours, wash the face with plain water. It will benefit greatly.
Take a piece of dirty soil.
Take part in one part of the soil and add half-of-the-hearted turmeric turmeric and put it in a bowl. Take this time for a little while, mix honey and lime juice on the face .If your skin is dry then it is in the mix Some drops include almond almonds or oily olive oils.
The daily use of this prescription surprising results on the skin.
Take two spoons of sundle in a bowl and add roses so long to become a thick soluble.
Now wash the face and dry it, apply the mask of the solution from the face to the neck and let it stay for 20 minutes. Then wash the face with cold water .It is a very easy domestic prescription, which is useful for the skin.
Make two tablespoons of sulfur, a spoon that is made, a few leaves of rose, and a little water poured into a blender. Before applying it, clean the face with milk.
After that, roast the robe in the robe and apply it on the face .When the face is dry, spread the strap on the face and keep it so long that the mask becomes dry .After that, wash the face with cold water .This prescription Makes the skin healthy and shiny.
Mix sulfur diarrhea in rheumatric milk and massage with face-to-face. After 20 minutes after the drying becomes dry, then dust.
This domestic prescription is very useful for summer skin, especially helping to absorb the sun-shaped face. Using this will open the face.
Take two spoons of pearl in one of the glasses of the glass .It contains a spoon turmeric and three spoon honey.
When the three ingredients are well found, put on the face and let it stay for 20 minutes.

Then face dust. The face of the rope rose and it will be too late.
Take a spoon of apple, take a spoon of it and mix it with a spoon. It also includes leak roses. Mix them well .Color this mixture on the face .After 20 minutes face dust This prescription is Aksir for dead and unhealthy skin.
It gets quick and frustrated.
Take a spoon of a clay and a sandal paste in a bowl, mix the lime juice and gram juice in it. Make this soluble with the help of the toes on the face .When it is dry dry then the water is soft Dust. This prescription reduces the effects of aging on skin and keeps skin safe from skin.

Two spirits should be mixed with a bit of blemish in the juices of the cake and apply thick panels to the face .20 minutes later

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