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The color coral is on the dance lips

The color coral is on the dance lips

The color coral is on the dance lips

You will have many favorite shadows in the lip stick. Shades that are always live together and become familiar with you in a way. It is a good thing that you have found a lip stick for your personality. Expressions of expression and ability to present it in a heartbeat. But it is also true that how to maintain refreshment and attention, lubricant shade should be changed.

It looks attractive on your personality. Since, this year’s color is coral that you will see attractiveness by using very beautiful colors and colored stick sheds. It is no doubt that the lip Before selecting a stick shed, you should take a look at ‘weather and leisure’.

Often women get special interest in lipstick.

Their choice is based on colorful and dark colors rather than dresses. Since wearing a linen cloth, a linen lip put a stick if the red lip was worn, the red lip took a stick. This method is not appropriate if you like us always wear a dress Select lipstick in it today, we introduce you to new tracks of lipstick.
According to fashion trends, it is about to welcome old fashioned fashion.
Dressed make-up and diamond style
Now women want to take green ‘blue’ color and make new style of coral and nude red sheds. Now we tell you about the lip sticky of beautiful colors.
Casey pink color
Casey Pink, which will give you a refreshing glimpse of the Pink Heart. This color is different from traditional red and colored lip sticks and is fashionable.

Pink color
Sometimes the heart wants that the bars of pink bears like barbee dyes on lips.The lipstick shade is one of the 80’s most popular trends, and is almost part of every brand shade.
Pink red color
This color has a mesh and coral rectangle. It is a unique combination of pink and peacock color .It is known as luminous and bolding in the world of lip stick shades. The color and plain face also color The lip stick keeps decorating at a moment, even if it is ready to go somewhere in the day, the color will prove to be the most reliable, and you will see the statue of Nazarak and Nafast.

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