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The charming one is the natural jewelry of the skin

The charming one is the natural jewelry of the skin

The charming one is the natural jewelry of the skin

In the winter, soap can dry the skin faster and cause inflammation. Therefore, oil-based clean-up products are used to dry skin in dry weather.
Today it can be said that healthy and good skin is the natural ornaments of beauty. “There is no source of life like heart or brain, such as the body’s other delicate and important types of body, but a healthy and clean color and Delicate curry skin is definitely an asset that has every desire.

Women are especially concerned about skin care, even now men are not behind women in this matter, and they look similar to their skin similarly.
The type of type you typed is the skin that came with your body at the time of your birth and of course you can not change it.

However the surrounding atmosphere ‘environmental factors and time will definitely affect it, therefore it is very important to protect your skin, especially in tertiary conditions.

If you take care of your skin properly, you can make extraordinary improvements.
Winter has a unprofessional effect on your skin. Cold cold and heating systems are all overwhelming to dry your skin. Your skin usually remains very comfortable. So the climate It plays an important role in defining the basic principles of skin care.
The primary principle in any way of skin protection is that you do not set up the routine of your skin working-ups as much as you can.
Recognize your skin
Soon there is a large amount of our body and it consists of several layers. Its upper surface which shows us is called external skin or epidermis .It is completely mixed on dead cells.
The external skin aims to protect those living young cells that are present at the bottom of the surface.
The original skin (Dermis) is the bottom of the external skin and contains fat gland (glands) above the sweat. These glands keep the skin moist and greasy, the original skin is ‘hard’ on the mixture tissues. It is a matter of nutritional blood that triggers into small vessels.

In the end it is the skin that consists of greasy and it is like a skin sponge of skin. The fat bottom of the body acts as energy-saving for the body and as a shock absorber for delicate organs. It works
Traveling skin cells quickly takes about 28 days to make the skin new, but this period may change due to different factors, such as sunshine ‘age and early diseases, can allocate the process faster. The 18,000 square centimeter of the adults quickly covers the area and weighs 4.8 kg in men and 3.2 kg in women.

Skin types
To correct the correct treatment with your skin, you should also know about your skin structure. This is why there is different types of skin and each individual type of skin is separate treatment. The following are as follows:
Skin Skin
After chesting the tasting skin shines for an hour or so.
It looks ticky and flows towards the spots. It starts running after a couple of hours.
Dry skin
The dry skin starts flowing and shining, and it looks dirty to wash it. It breaks easily. ‘The puffs are glamorous and it starts to fall. This type of winter requires extra care for the skin. Is .

Sensitive Skin
The use of climate change and often inappropriate syntax reflects the inflammatory response in a sensitive skin .This skin is generally neutral and easily becomes red or pale .It is used to make the veatics for the skin. Should be extra careful.
Normal skin
Normal skin is usually seen in only nine children and few lucky adults.
It is generally ‘soft’ soft butterfly .It is not too dry or too sensitivity with too much dry or neat or climate change.
Winter months are very harsh for the skin. Temperature changes in the atmosphere and outside and the heating of the heaters in the house plays a role of drying for the skin, due to this fatigue, radios to cure the effects of the drug. A cup of water should be placed near Easter.
It is also advised that the home should be kept to add moisture to the atmosphere. It will have a wide range of circular rotation in the room, which is more comfortable for your skin compared to drought.
If you have a skin, then avoid avoiding hot water and sharp type of astringents, which can trigger fatigue glands.
Water-based furniture users should be used only when needed. ‘On the other hand dry dry demand is a continuous demand for dry skin, especially cold weather. As a general principle, as a general principle,’ as much as possible in the atmosphere ‘ The same should be lubricated. Ordinary soaps in the episodes can dry your skin faster and cause inflammation. Therefore, soap-free washing cream or gel should be used.

Use soup-free cleaners to prevent plaque. Women’s skin is sensitive, they need to use the least product. They are mostly hypo-

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