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For the decoration of hair, flowers are being used for centuries for centuries. One time it was when the women’s preparation was without need for flowers without gujarr and this was the essential component of the sixth century. It is also a matter that women The first flower will be the source of your decoration mechanism.
However, it is a certified fact that since ancient times, flowers, necklaces, bangles, and bangles are very popular in ancient times.

On the occasion of marriage, the bride and its co-sisters are considered to be a mere flower without the flowers. On the occasion of wedding feasts, Gujarat is the main importance of jewelry ornaments, if the gujars are disrupted by the ornaments of flowers. All the other attractions in the whole world are broken.

Gujrat is a symbol of love, therefore it is also a tradition that teaches the teachings of happiness in each other.

One time when the women used to make balls, roses and beads of pearls or Chinabali claws in a crocodile, but now flowers of jewelry have taken place in a complete art. Flower ornaments are prepared on order. Today, red and yellow flowers are more popular today, almost every type of flower and flowers are used for fighting.
The red flower is decorated in the hairstyle on the wedding and on the day of rain, and the orange balls of flowers are specific to the lentils. There is no doubt that delicate chances of white flowers and white flowers are made with buds but now the demand for fashion is now It is not just beautiful by flowers but also the style of hairstyles.
In this article, we will let you know the new style of golfing, hopefully you will be able to enjoy them in general and specialty.

Gujratapha: This style is quite new and unique in the world of fiction. The bride is usually decorated with a flower on the occasion of marriage. In popularity of jewelery jewelery, we recommend that the new brides are made at the time of their funeral. Apply a duplicate.
Donut bin and millet: – Women who like to make a pair of donuts are their favorite types, with a pair of paired pairs of hair bands.

Gujrat’s battles: The Ganges battles are a nice and attractive way, while making a pair of long-term battles in hair during the pairing, so that your hair looks very beautiful.
Gajra Abhishek: It is also Gujarat’s new fashion, in which the long-term long-term battles of the bride made of bridal hair are decorated like a waterfall.

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