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Repeat your beauty with make-up

Repeat your beauty with make-up

Repeat your beauty with make-up

The selection of make-up according to skin taxis protects the skin against different elements
Things to do with make-up and make-up for five minutes
Three good reasons to make up
Make yourself more attractive and beautiful than you look naturally. It does not mean you use the make-up at least.

The art and the slide thing is sure that the shed and the text you have selected are definitely the same as you use to show you beautiful and beautiful.
Highlighting your impressions and hide your bad effects.
If make-up make sure that make-up matches with your skin’s texture, it will protect your skin while working as a protector against different elements.

Before making up
First of all: The skin should be cleaned with full honey. Apply the cranking cream and then rub it in the water with rubbed flavors.
After that: Apply a dry skin with dry skin, and dry skin .If you have typed the skin mix, then use the stainless steel on dryers and on the lining parts.
Your skin is now ready for make-up.

Natural looking makeup
The Natural Luck makeup means that it does not look frustrated. But naturally it means for domestic women who want to look forward to seeing the beauty and beauty after completing the house work. If guests at home It’s time to come home or return from home to their husbands.
If your hair is like silk, then keep them straight by using the hairdryer.
If you have decided to use lipstick, then choose a lightweight clay like natural beans and natural brown. Lip stick should be of excellent brand. Ultimate lip stick will cut your lips on the natural color of the lips. First of all you have to use compact makeup. Foundation no need .All compact compressors will work only.

Ascan ton cler
Use a little bit of color than your skin color.
I shadow
Use the ultra-natural askin ton claws like pinchene brown and natural light blue purple.
After that, if you have decided to use a very liner then apply two spicy coats … brown or black.
Apply a nice lip liner and apply a golden laminated hem and apply a loop clip above.

Use either a transparent or light-glued glue with a lip line.
Make-up in five minutes
This five minutes (five minutes) make-up is called to make you yourself ‘just 5 minutes to make and polish. This typical job of the up-to-date job is for women working women and college students. That’s what they need to do before the ‘Lunch’ departing for an important apex and college.

The difference between five minutes make-up and natural lip make-up is the fact that you take your eyes and your eyelashes to be highlighted. Your full personality and rupee depends on the balance of make-up and clothing. .
Apply the console, focus on the extreme points of your eyes.
Using the conjunction of your eyelashes, press the console softly so that the bundle gets.

Apply the foundation so that it looks unusual and bundle carefully.
Set with Concelor and Foundation Cochompact Powder.
Feature to i.e. shadow
Use shadow brush for sauce foam.
Make an eye line using the darkest shadow.
Smash one or two duck black brown.
Use bulk … Natural Punk ton bulder.

Then highlight the lips with lip liner pencils and make a lip stick that matches colors of eyebrows.
Hair styling should be tailored to your dress.If you are wearing western clothes such as jeans or any other out fit, your hair style should be as follows.
If your face is small, leave your hair open so that it can be very elastic. If your hair is soft and soft, then add a hair or a lump, it will make them very flexible.
If you are a working woman or a wardrobe, wear your hair to the French nose ….. Lozna T or a nice pony tail.


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