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Lemon is that the ascorbic acid made fruit that is employed to reinforce the wonder and shield health. it’s essential for ski a d facilitate to get rid of calculus, sensible for teeth’s, helps in digestion food. folks use lemon to form ade by combination lemon with water conjointly use as a laundry agent to get rid of stains. It helps to forestall polygenic disease, constipation, high force per unit area, fever, dyspepsia and plenty of different issues, further as rising the skin, hair. Improves the operate of blood. bit of lemon is employed in spices, pickle, foods, sauces, dish dressings, totally different drinks and desserts. it’s conjointly employed in medical field. It offers dynamic style to food.

Benefits of Lemon:
i) Lemon and cancer bar
It is terribly essential for health, juice is best treatment for cancer it fight against radical that may cause cancer.
ii) Maintain skin
As lemon contain ascorbic acid it’s sensible for skin it repairs the skin injury, skin texture, complexion, wrinkles, provides the shine to skin.
iii) Boosting system
Lemon contains a power to fight against the germs that square measure the explanation for cold and respiratory helps to keep up the diet. it’s full of vitamins C helps to spice up system.
iv) attention
Lemon has supernatural effects in dental field juice is extremely effective for odontalgia, massaging juice on gums can keep trauma faraway from teeth. Helps to stay away diseases and take away dangerous smell.
v) Hair care
Lemon is employed for the treatment of hair for a protracted amount of your time. juice is applied on scalp of skin to stay away dandruff, hair loss, and every one the issues associated with hairs and scalp. If you apply juice to hairs directly it’ll give you with shine.
vi) Weight loss
Lemon is taken into account as best treatment for weight loss combine juice with water and place honey in it you’ll see the supernatural treatment of lemon in few days.
vii) Asiatic cholera
Diseases like Asiatic cholera and protozoal infection are often treated with juice, as a result of it acts as a blood setup.
viii) dyspepsia and Constipation
Lemon juice helps to cure issues associated with dyspepsia and constipation. Add a number of drops of lemon in glass and it’ll helps in digestion. Lemon acts as a blood setup and a formulation, therefore an honest drink when lunch or dinner is contemporary lemon soda, that is additionally referred to as contemporary lime soda.
ix) Clean internal system
Enhance the protein operate, stimulating your liver. Keep you healthy and match.
x) Boost energy
Lemon juice provides energy to body and it conjointly helps scale back anxiety and depression.
xi) Fever
Lemon has the standing of doctor it can even treat the fever WHO is stricken by cold and respiratory disorder and any reasonably helps to interrupt fever.
xii) Eye issues
Lemon contains a best treatment for eye downside it helps to keep up the health of eye and fight against the matter of eyes.
xiii) Foot Relaxation
Lemon is AN antiseptic agent and is helpful in foot relaxation. Add some juice to heat water and dip your feet within the mixture for reliever and muscle relaxation.
xiv) management high force per unit area
Lemon is extremely effective for heart issues. It controls high force per unit area, dizziness, and nausea, contains a sensible effects on mind and body. It helps in to finish depression and mental stress. Keeps your body healthy and good.

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