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These square measure the words of illustrious Greek doc medical man, he’s called the daddy of western drugs.
Garlic is largely associate degree herb that’s employed in our food product and as flavourer agent from thousands of years. it’s normally wont to add style, aroma and nutrition to our dishes. Garlic is additionally helpful for health and contain ascorbic acid. it’s conjointly employed in the sector of medication from times of yore, manufacturing desired results on body and for the treatment several conditions and diseases. it’s avoided by most of the folks thanks to its dangerous smell. Garlic is often used for the treatment of blood disease and for heart issues. There square measure several uses and edges of garlic however most of the folks don’t grasp. Garlic is closely associated with the onion, chive, and leek.
Uses of garlic for food and medicine:

Garlic is employed in several foods and for the treatment of sickness. Garlic is made in inhibitor.

Heart diseases:
Garlic conjointly appears to act as a blood agent, which can facilitate stop heart attacks and is wide used for the treatment of heart diseases. it’s used as effective treatment for failure and garlic oil is best when coronary failure.

Garlic strengthen the conjointly helps to fights against the illness like cancer. Studies prove that individuals United Nations agency eat garlic in their food square measure less doubtless to induce cancer and abdomen cancer. Results of the many studies have proved that girls United Nations agency often Ate garlic, fruits, and vegetables had a thirty fifth lower risk of developing carcinoma. It conjointly keeps you removed from lungs cancer. Garlic is proved to be best fighter for lungs cancer .It is proved that the people that eat raw garlic have four-hundredth lower risk to catch the lungs cancer.

Flu, cough and for cold:
Garlic is incredibly best treatment for respiratory disease, cough, and cold. The people that take garlic keep healthy and prevent from respiratory disease and cold. If you frequently get cold, add garlic to your diet.

Stress and liver function:
Garlic is associate degree herb that’s used for healthy liver and to chop down the strain. It maintains the liver functions.

Garlic as antibiotic:
Garlic is employed as powerful antibiotic however most of the folks square measure unaware of fights against bacterium that is that the main reason behind several infections. Garlic encompasses a power to market the power of white somatic cell and fight against differing types of infections.

Healing properties:
Garlic has several healing properties .Due to this properties it’s terribly effective for heart diseases. Prevents from cancer .it is conjointly used for the healing of athlete’s foot. it’s conjointly wont to management sterol.

Garlic is additionally used for digestion. It helps you to digest the food and performance the abdomen properly and reducing the excessive activity which might cause dyspepsia.

Others uses:
• Garlic is incredibly effective for top vital sign.
• Garlic might assist you to measure long.
• Garlic supplement is helpful for athletes.
• Gaelic improves health of bones.
• Makes food tasty and delicious.
• Keep you removed from brain cancer.

In this article I actually have mentioned concerning the advantages and uses of garlic in health and in medical field. Keep visiting Health Tips for additional info on another topic.


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