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Good luck

Good luck

Good luck

Most women use new tanks, vitamin bullets or to make expensive and modern make-ups to maintain the beauty and health of women. A woman disappears on an important fact. The right use of balanced diet.
There are many nutrients that we may have, but they are actually the cause of health and the disorder of beauty, while some foods are such that lead to happiness and refreshment of health.

Tea, Coffee and Turtles are more abusive for health, as well as eating nutritious butter feeding should also be lesser than less. Do not use sugar, sweets and pastries even more. Those who care about these things are shattered And they look like a flute.People who are more likely to eat fruits, vegetables. The maximum time they spend in the open air.

Exercise involves their routine.
It is a habit of bathing .Users are bound to cure .He is a good health and balanced body .Use salads and vegetables in the diet, especially tomato and spinach, which are useful for liver. The color vapor appears to be visible and complicated. The plants are all useful, but lymphs and citrus color are better described.

The color and coloring of the color is that removing the carrot juice and putting it in a cool place or refrigerator, and with rope, apply three or four times a day on the face with the help of rope .It color is dark.
Most of the girls are worried about why their lips are not long and tall. Their solution is also easy .Zetone oil and honey will be tall and tearing in the proper quantities, by keeping the mosquito muscles massage.

Sometimes the face of the face appears to be visible due to cortex. This is because there is no special attention to facial cleaning, it is a solution to the mixture of two spoon and half a spoon of turmeric and paste it in milk. Be made Put this paste on the face and clean the face of the skin well. It will open the skin and make fresh skin fresh.

Facial stains are also restricted to beauty .Used on the semi-milk face is useful for them to get rid of them .Some hot milk should be used on the face with a rope.
Some women use lip stick to make their lips darker dark. To keep safe from the effects of lip-stick chemical ingredients, cream or powder should be used on lips before using lipstick.

Beauty of hands
The hands look beautiful and soft vitamins. For this, make two spoon juice, a spoon of glycerine and a lime juice and make it saffron safe. Wash the hands well and dry after finishing the work. By handing this lotion to the hands. In a few days, the wound of the hands will end up in the vessel. It should be done four times a day.

The arms and arms should also be considered that these work is used more frequently and open in every season .They often go straight out of the sun, due to which their color flows. Should be saved from the sun even though there is no need to be worried.
Feet want attention
The feet are also our special attention.
Putting lime, non-oil and shampoo in semi-hot water, it keeps relaxing on the feet by keeping it in a few feet. Then after having a foot in the water, massage well with mosquito or swinging feet. So that the dirt becomes clean.
This process may seem difficult, but only half an hour from all day is taken out for yourself and some of the things mentioned above should make your routine routine as usual. It will be better to get health and also feel free from the face. Will be

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