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Beautiful hands express your personality

Beautiful hands express your personality

Beautiful hands express your personality

Hold all the possible measures to keep your hands and feet in proper condition. Here are some useful prescriptions that you can take better care of your hands and legs.
Hands are the best miracles of your personality. They always like and hands handsome and handsome hands because hands express your personality similarly and make it attractive to you, as well with your beauty Make-up face

Do not worry about the time you just take care of your hands. We just have a little bit of time for you to pay attention to your hands and feet. You care about your face Just do it

If you believe that the hand does not express any way, then take a look at the beautiful and beautiful movements of a dancer, which expresses different kinds of feelings through the hands of his hands.

This is a pure poetry and we also see in our everyday life many such trends and scales of women’s hands that they use to perform different tasks.
We look at the ‘skull-handed hands’ of ourselves as humans, with no fear taken care of, and they decide that tomorrow will begin to focus on their hands.

But hand care is very easy. Those women who feel that they do not have time for such work, they also take out five minutes of their engagement, and take their time away from their unspeakable hands. But you can pay attention.
In order to make his hands beautiful so that he can see ‘clean and attractive’
Start your work with Manicure.
This work takes approximately fifteen minutes and it is enough to do it once a week .Once when your nails in your hands are cleared then you need only to keep them nails and hands in order to keep them nails. But apply some natural oil.
I am also surprised to see that during such disturbing times while sitting in front of TV, ‘Massaging water just on hands hands out excellent results.’
Keep in mind that the movement of the massage is towards your heart.
Take a soap in a bowl for nails. Also a small simplicity towel, a ‘nail file’, ‘cotton oil’, coconut oil ‘to remove the hands” nail polish remoor (Remover) Also take Nail polish. It is better to prefer preferred Pearlised Shades like Pink and Pearl especially daytime.
The best time for nail polishing is that when you are going to sleep, you will not see your nails in bad shape.
Anabha ‘Violet and other deep sheds do not match with formal costumes, but if you feel that they are fit with your personality, then use them. Of course individual likes vary from each other and sometimes The general type of things also correspond to a person’s mode.

First of all, take off your old nail polish and then file your nails. The lumber nails are most suitable for women whose fingers are long and sophisticated .But if your fingers are small and thick then Keep in mind that your nail is badly shaped and you do not get more than one-fourth of the loans from the loans.

Then get your hands in the soap and put it in the water and put it on the right side. Press the upper part of the fingers’ fingers in a very slow manner. This place is very delicate and requires moisture. Soap in your nails Clean your nails again with a nail polish remover to clean the rest of the remains.
Then set the base coat.
Start it with thumb. The bass coat is usually in the form of transparent nail polish that keeps your nails safe from changing the nylon polish due to the chemical component .When it gets dry, use the nail polish. Just put two light coats. Other coats apply when the first coat is completely dry. Finally, when the polish is completely dry then then mix coconut oil on your hands.

It is important that the old nail polish is completely cleaned before the new nail polishes. In the week, Mini Cavarry keeps your hands in a safe condition. Because it is always better that you do not have a good cream and a microscope. Use natural things, therefore please refer to power and use the daily as little natural or milk as a natural moisturizer.

If you mix a bit of salt in it then it will clean your hands more easily. If you wash your hands, use it in gardening or any other work for which to take special care of your hands. If needed, the best way to use gloves is that if you feel that wearing a glove does not have to worry about your gloves, then get oil on your hands.

You can get coconut milk or milk on your hands and then wash the dishes. While doing gardening, especially consider that small pieces of soap are placed under the nails of the nails so that the soil can not gap between the lentils and the nails.

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