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Face and neck massage

Face and neck massage

Face and neck massage

The importance of massage for health and beauty can not be ignored because the process of massage has been for centuries. If you are suffering from misunderstandings, the masses and lines that appear on your face are largely disappeared due to the massage. If it is done, it will be a bad thing to you. But we can tell you this innovation that the masses and lines that appear on your face will disappear from further development, and in addition to this Your skin will look more smooth than before and it will also create stress which will help you to be young.

During the massage, you can also have some disassembly on your face .In addition to this, a mass prison can also be applied.

If you are interested in getting benefits from the massage then repeat each stage of the massage at least three times. You are more likely to repeat it and it does not have any flavors. In addition to massage, press specific places with large fingers of your two hands, and keep this pressure at least half a minute and repeat the reaction process three times.

It is clear that there is no need to stress too much because you know that the face of the face is more soft due to the skin of other parts of the body. Therefore, deal with it softly.
Different steps of the forehead and muscle mass
Lines usually target your forehead first.
Put some value sensor or gel on fingers.

Keep middle and small fingers of both hands between your eyes.
Move your fingers from top to bottom and from bottom to bottom.
Your move is showing this as if you are smiling your foreheads.
Soft pressure on your wings.
Due to this process, the muscles of your face will be tired of comforting and relieved.

If you are suffering from headache that is a result of mental stress and stress, then you can get rid of this type of headache by using this procedure.
The places you have to softly press have been featured in the picture.
Stages of eyes and nose massage
Massage around the eyes in the form of a circle with the third fingers of both hands.

Due to this process, salvation will be saved from the linear lines.
Start the massage with your fingers inside the inner cats and make your fingers inward to inner eyes.
It is clear that the pressure of fingers should be due to soft insomnia.
Lightweight the places in the photo are indicated.

These places are located in the middle of the eyes, besides being located on the outskirts.
Massage both sides of your nose with both the big fingers of your hands.
Then massage both sides of the nose.
Be sure to move your fingers in the form of circle during this process.
Stretch pressure on specific places with your fingers on both sides of your nose.

The stages of the brutal massacre of Ramadan and Omna
Use medium and third fingers of hands for the massage of your family.
The movement of these fingers should be like waves.
Start the massage with your chest.
Bring your fingers to the iron.
Bring ear to the ears after starting from mouth spots.
After starting the nose, take it to the peel.

Put lightweight pressure on specific locations below the ear, as shown in the picture.
Start between the stump.
Massage around the mouth of the mouth through your big fingers’ lips.
It is clear that the fingers should move from bottom to bottom.
Around the mouth of the mouth
The upper lips are between the same.
At the bottom of the lower lane
Strengthen the specific places on the face of the face.

These locations are displayed in the picture.
Different stages of stomach and neck massage
Make your thumb and ring testimony.
Slow your skin slowly by the middle of your jaw on your jaw.
Starting the process from the jaw, come to the middle of the knob, and in the same manner fill the skin quickly and then move back to the jaw’s edge.

Fry with the handful of your hand on the left side of the jaw.
Then move the jaw left to the right hand, with the hands of soft hand.
It is clear that for the right jaw you will be used for left hand and left jaw for right hand.
Move both of your fingers down on top of your neck.
Strengthen the specific places in the middle of the ear and neck of the neck.
These locations have been identified in the picture.

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