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Different stages of smiling

Different stages of smiling

Different stages of smiling

If your petals are more straightforward then you can cultivate them with a leash curry so that your eyes should be spacious and bigger.
Carefully keep in mind that if you open the curry completely separated from the lips, it will also overflow your eyelashes.
Carefully keep in mind that if a lot of pressure is inserted, then you will read a knee c between your lips and make them blind.

If you want to smile too much on your foreheads, it is better to suck them before the upper eyelids and it is clear that it is not better to smell too much on these eyelids. So before brushing, brush some of the clean tissue paper Clear the value so that the amount of smell goes out.

Keeping the mirror mirror slightly higher than its face, grab the brush in front vertically and sprinkle the outer patches from the inner pulse inside the bottom.

To sprinkle the upper eyelashes, keep your eyes down slightly and rub the roots to the edges of the upper eyelashes. Let me smile from the bottom and smash the brush at the end.
Be careful
Most often, there is a fear of getting banged around eyes and smashing the rope-free-made make-up remover to clear these spots.

After the use of mashed brush get soap, wash it dry with water, then dry it dry with its fiber.
Use the smash brush again when it’s completely dry.
Use of artificial plates
If you want your pupils to give an impression of being absorbed and depressed, then apply your artificial petals. This way your eyelashes will offer an impression of being frustrated.

Clearly, synthetic pulses are used after passing through IEDs and IEDs.
If the stage of artificial polishing is considered to be a difficult phase, but in reality this step is not so difficult.
When you have to remove artificial eyelids, grab their outer spots and drag them tightly and they will easily ease it.

Various stages of artificial pulse
Take a clean look.
Capture artificial eyelashes with it.
Apply in small quantities at the upper edge of the artificial plates. Unfortunately this glue is usually available with a set of artificial plates.
Wait a couple of seconds so that the food can be dried up.
Keep the upper edge of the artificial plates on the upper edge parallel in their lamps and through at least the pressure on the roots of their roots through the minimum pressure.
It is clear that these flocks should be set aside between the two sides and between them.
Then keep your eyes closed for half a minute and hide a pair of leukide (liquid) i-liner to hide the pair of natural petals and synthetic plates.

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